Invest in Your Business with Just Rs.3000 Annually

PiCS Payments & Delivery

A Software to Manage Your Home Based Business

With the current situation in the country and the world, businesses are in an endless struggle to stay a float. Most business that used to operate from a retail outlet, has now moved into their homes, where they operate online, using social media and other online platforms to attract and cater customers. However, it’s very hardly any business owner in Sri Lanka would use a traditional Point Of Sale software to maintain and track their sales when operating from a house hold. PiCS can be installed on your own computer and use it instead of the Excel file you use to track your sales.

SMS Your Bill / Accept Credit Card Payments

Using a software like PiCS to manage our home based business may come with a range of benefits. For instance, PiCS allows you to send out payment requests to the customer via SMS, which allows the customer to pay in any payment method he/she prefers. PiCS integrates with PayHere, which is a trusted payment provider that supports a range of payment methods, from Online Transfers, Mobile Cash to Credit Card Payments, and it’s newest addition being HelaPay, which chargers a commission of no more than 1.99% on the transaction. Business owners can easily sign up for PayHere for free and have their accounts integrated with PiCS.

UberEats and PickMe

PiCS supports separate price levels for a single item, allowing a home based food business to have separate prices for UberEats, PickMe and over the counter sales. For example a packet of lunch being sold over the counter for Rs. 200, can be marked to be sold for Rs. 230 on Uber and Rs. 225 on PickMe. PiCS also tracks the transactions for reporting purposes, allowing the business owner to have a clear record of UberEats, PickMe and Over the Counter sales, separate and even use the same for reconciliation.

Integrated Delivery Partner

In addition, PiCS also integrates with Pronto Delivery, allowing business owners to arrange for pickup and delivery of any goods sold across the country for very affordable rates. When a sale is made, the user has the option to add “Delivery” into the order, where there will be a prompt to enter the customer details for delivery. Based on the city selected, the delivery price will be automatically calculated into the bill. When done, the user can chose the “SMS” option under payment methods, which sends out the bill to the customer via SMS for payment. Upon payment completion, PiCS will receive a notification and trigger a delivery request to Pronto, based on the details entered. A Pronto Delivery representative will show up at your door step within 24 hours of the request to pickup and deliver the goods. That’s how easy and organized, your business could be with PiCS.

Everything Else

While PiCS boasts all the other bells and whistles a business would expect from a Point of Sale Software, it adds more to cater the Sri Lankan market and also address the burning needs of a home based business. With a very affordable price tag of just Rs. 3000 per year, PiCS can also be bought with a support package per incident or for an entire year.

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