Do you really need a POS (Point of Sale) to operate your retail business?

Why PiCS Point of Sale for Your Retail Business?

With the evolution of today’s retail technologies, many businesses look forward towards embracing the future with boldness. The adoption of such technologies allows businesses to automate traditional retail functions, while offering better facilities to their clients. This is usually achieved through added conveniences and diversifying their business into newer avenues. The embracing of such technologies into today’s retail businesses, tends to attract a richer customer base. This is why more and more retail owners consider upgrading their retail infrastructure with newer technologies. Businesses that are hesitant to change and adapt to the growing markets, eventually fall behind. There are just too many such examples we already know about.

We continuously research trends with the Sri Lankan market and it’s communities. There are many things that we learn and apply to the Point of Sale we build. A few such findings are listed below.

Customer Attractions

  • Printed Receipts with a formal presence.
  • Accepting Credit Card Payments with minimal commissions.
  • Island wide door-to-door delivery services.
  • Being able to order online from the comfort of their homes.

Retailer Attractions

  • Being able to access and manage all transaction related data, securely and reliably from any where, using any device.
  • Allows the retailer to stay confident about transactions made using digital methods. Subsequently this ensures funds are deposited to their accounts in a timely manner.
  • Being able to operate the business entirely remotely over the Internet without the requirement of a physical store. Consequently Virtual Stores being the new trend.
  • After Service & Support for the Point of Sale Software and Hardware. Therefore, this is something essential for the sustainability of the product.
  • Being able to reliably operate and manage the business, while being outside of the country

In order to embrace technology into a retail business, retail owners needs to coordinate with multiple vendors and services. This makes it challenging to keep track with each of them. PiCS acts as a central collection point for all such essential services, giving peace of mind to the retailers. The Point of Sale software seamlessly integrates with multiple digital payment platforms, Island wide delivery platforms and also allows detailed management of services such as UberEats and PickMe

The PiCS Point of Sale was designed keeping the customer and retailer in mind, while built from ground up. PiCS is a fresh concept into the Sri Lankan market. This allows the PiCS Point of Sale to out shine it’s major rivals. The PiCS Point of Sale is currently developed and maintained by Vertical Tech Solutions. It is the holding company of the PiCS brand. Vertical Tech Solutions specializes in software development, which allows PiCs to be maintained and enhanced without additional overheads. This allows PiCS be up to date with market trends and continue it’s approach into the arms of Sri Lankans.

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