First of it’s Kind in Sri Lanka – Point of Sale

PiCS POS First in Sri Lanka

PiCS is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka that offers the full package, a small business would need for all of its operations. All the features a business would require from a Point of Sale Software is power-housed into PiCS. In addition to a rich set of features for a regular Point of Sale Software, PiCS packs in support for;

  • Online and Offline Operations
  • Accept Online Payments via SMS
  • Goods, Pickup and Delivery
  • Integrated Credit Card processing
  • Support for a wide variety printers
  • Dedicated Management Portal

Online and Offline Operation

PiCS uses a ground-up built uniquely developed syncing technology, that allows businesses to operate over the Internet and Offline. Though PiCS primarily operates over the Internet, while posting all transactions to the Cloud Portal, PiCS can continue to process transactions without an active Internet connection. When the connection is restored, all changes made will automatically get posted into the Cloud Portal.

This DOES NOT mean that PiCS is a Web-based solution. PiCS is a fully installable Software on your Computer or Point Of Sale terminal, while it is built with having the Cloud as primary in mind.

Accept Online Payments via SMS

With our partnership with PayHere, PiCS is now capable of allowing businesses to send out Invoices and Payment requests to their customers over a Text Message or the more usual term being SMS. Once a payment request has been full filled, PiCS will receive a notification and automatically updated the payment status of for the transaction from being “Pending” to “Complete”. In addition to the benefits business owners will gain from this feature, customers also benefit with the convenience of having a range of payment options based on their convenience. Currently, our payment integration partner, PayHere supports the following list of payment options

Goods, Pickup, and Delivery

PiCS is also partnered and integrated with Pronto Delivery, which allows business owners to have their goods delivered to the customer’s doorstep without hassle. Proton facilitates upfront payments, while also having the option to collect cash on delivery. This allows business owners to have peace of mind, while their goods are being delivered and payments are being taken care of.

The business owner just has to inform us of their intentions of enabling this feature, and we will make arrangements for a representative to get in touch for account provisioning with Pronto, while we make sure the integration is seamless.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

This is feature facilitated through our partnership with Payable. Payable provides credit card processing terminals, which have been integrated with PiCS for seamless operation.

Unlike in developed countries in Sri Lanka, on a traditional credit card processing terminal, the cashier would need to manually punch in the amount, looking at the point of sale and then enter the last 4 digits of the credit card into the point of sale transaction, once the payment has been processed. This has been completely automated through PiCS. All the cashier needs to do is select the payment method for Payable and and swipe the credit card the Payable terminal, which will process the payment and post the transaction with the required details for filing.

Support for a Wide Variety of Printers

PiCS can be configured to work with standard A4/A5 printers, thermal printers or even PDF printers, based on the business requirement. In addition, multiple printers can be configured, each for receipt printing, Kitchen Order Taking (KOT) and Bar Order Taking (BOT).

The receipt printing format, would vary based on the type of printer selected, in order to make sure the printed output suites it’s purpose.

Dedicated Management Portal

All PiCS customers get access to a management portal, which allows the centralized management of all terminals and transactions. The portal is focused towards back-office operations, emphasizing on reporting, Customer management and Inventory management. Nevertheless, the portal also allows raising invoices and sending out payment requests to customers,

Additionally, business owners have the option to manage the operation of terminals, branches and users via the management portal. It is also possible to purchase additional terminal licenses through the same terminal.

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